Wednesday, 2 May 2018

It's Pedal Season: Get on Your Bikes & Ride!

We did it. The green is finally starting to appear! I am so excited to kick off another summer at The Forks.

One of my favourite parts of summer is that everything somehow feels easier. Minimal layers needed! I can hop on my bike jacket-less and socks-less and cruise around town with the warm breeze in my hair and sunshine on my face. I love getting around town feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. It makes me so happy.

For the past two years I’ve been fortunate to share all kinds of stories about biking and The Forks with you through this blog. Here’s the thing about biking: biking is for just about everyone. No matter what your fitness level is - you can ride a bike. It’s movement AND it’s enjoyable. It’s my hope to show you that there are so many ways to integrate a bike riding into your lifestyle in meaningful ways. It’s not just exercise - it’s living life!

As we get ready for another season of summer fun times at The Forks, I want to help you find your inspiration to dust off that banana seat and pedal on down to The Forks for some hangouts. Ive rounded up my top five biking blog posts to share with you again to help you find your bike riding mojo this summer:
Hanging out with someone new? Suggest a bike ride and a picnic at The Forks. Blow their mind with your fun easy going and vivacious attitude. Long time partner: this will certainly break the boring pattern of dinner and a movie.

Its about the journey. Take the long route. Feel the sunshine. Be the active lifestyle example for your kids. All roads lead to The Forks. Bonus: The Forks has everything you need when you arrive.

Make your commute an active commute. Not sure how to do it? Theres an app for that! Read all about the Go Manitoba commuter buddy app and you can ride to The Forks/downtown with the support of an experienced cyclist. Maybe even make a new active friend too?

The Wrench is at The Forks all summer to help you with all your biking needs! I am still riding around town in the cruiser I picked up from them. They have a great selection of vintage bikes for sale that have been restored AND they even taught me how to maintain my bike! Bike people really are the nicest.

Bike riding with a gang of pals is seriously the best. You feel like a kid again! Gather your buds and head on down to The Forks for a delicious lunch and hang out this summer. Its so fun.


What do you think? Who knew a bike ride can be so much more than a bike ride? Its a lifestyle! Still scared because you havent done it in a while? Well, you know the saying its just like riding a bike…” Well, it is! You can do it!

See you out there this summer! Cant wait to see all your happy biking faces at The Forks! P.S. Free parking for cyclists! ;)

And here's a few maps to get you started on your route - it's basically under 40 minutes to pedal to The Forks from any corner of the city. 

Lindsay Somers is a Lifestyle Health Coach in Winnipeg. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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