Wednesday, 30 August 2017

6 Summertide Events to Help You Hold on to Summer

Fall is going to have to take a step back because summer sure isn't over, and we're taking advantage of every last bit of it with a near summer arts festival – Summertide.

The art, architecture, music, theatre, dance, and literature festival runs from August 21 to September 4 at The Forks and includes a whole set of events that will let you soak in the last lingering days of summer.

1. Bar Nano
August 30, 2017 from 8:00 - 12:00 p.m.
Festival Field

Join us for a drink or two by the Winnipeg sign for Bar Nano – the smallest bar in Canada. This bar is so tiny it's transported by bike and is powered by battery. We can thank Storefront Manitoba for this brilliant idea in support of micro establishments everywhere.

2. Beach Blanket Bingo
August 31 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Beachscape, The Forks Historic Port

Bring your beach blankets and your bingo daubers and take part in the first ever true life Beach Blanket Bingo. There will be no Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalaon circa 1965, but there will be prizes, there will be hilarity, there will be fun had by all. 

3. Parking Lot Picnic
September 1 from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
Plaza Parking Lots, North Of The Forks Market

What's the best way to kick off the long weekend? There are many ways, but we're thinking a picnic in the sunshine is just about perfect. Bring your own picnic or grab something from in The Forks Market and join us in the parking lot outside. A wandering band will entertain you throughout your last lunch of the summer holidays.

4. The Aviary: An Installation of Light and Sound
September 1 - 3 from dusk to 11:00 pm
The Forks Historic Port

Wander through an ethereal and electric installation of wire framed birds and whimsical bird houses amongst the trees along the northwest side of The Forks Historic port. On Saturday night, the Riel Gentlemen’s Choir will serenade you from canoes on the Assiniboine River dressed in suits made of light. Yeah, suits made of light!? We can't wait to see this.

5. Bicycle Tricycle Bike Parade 
September 3 from 10 am – 12 pm
Begins at The Canopy – Parade at 11:30am

You bring the bicycle, tricycle, trainingwheels and family, we’ll provide the decorations and parade route. Art City will be here to provide the straws, streamers and cool things for your bike wheels and handlebars. Then show off your creation and participate in a parade throughout The Forks site.

6. Synonym Art Consultation Presents: NEREO ll with apprentice artist John Padua
September 3 - 4
South Main Entrance

Pop in to see a live mural painting to help kick off Wall-to-Wall Mural & Cultural Festival 2017! On Monday, join us for DJs and dancing while the Synonym crew covers another one of our walls in their stunning art.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Interstellar Rodeo: 12 Artists You Need To Listen To

There's only three days until Interstellar Rodeo, and we can't wait to have guitars back in our faces since we've been deprived of music since the end of the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Canada Games Festival. Sure, it wasn't that long ago, but we got very used to the idea of music flowing constantly through Festival Field. 

Since then, we've been watching new videos, listening to new singles, and singing along to old favourites. 

We're still a little stunned that Beck will be playing at The Forks. BECK. And we can't wait to welcome back Shakey Graves, who has played the Winnipeg Folk Festival on a couple of occasions, and locals, Leonard Sumner and Figure Walking. Never mind Father John Misty and Canadian music legends, Broken Social Scene. 

We're spoiled to say the least. 

Okay, so that is what you need to listen to get yourself properly prepped for this rodeo:

Marty Stuart and his Fabulous Superlatives

Genre: Rockabilly
From: Philadelphia, Mississippi
Latest release: Way Out West
Set time: Friday, August 18 at 6:00PM

Yola Carter

Genre: Country-soul
From: Bristol, UK
Latest release: Orphan Offering
Set time: Friday, August 18 at 7:25PM

Figure Walking 

Genre: Alternative-rock
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Latest release: The Big Other
Set time: Friday, August 18 at 8:30PM

Father John Misty

Genre: Folk-rock
From: Rockville, Maryland
Latest release: Pure Comedy
Set time: Friday, August 20 at 9:10PM

Leonard Sumner

Genre: Singer-songwriter/Emcee
From: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Latest release: Rez Poetry
Set time: Saturday, August 19 at 1:00PM

Terra Lightfoot

Genre: Folk-rock
From: Hamilton, Ontario
Latest release: Every Time My Mind Runs Wild
Set time: Saturday, August 19 at 2:10PM


Genre: Indie-rock
From: Etobicoke, Ontatrio
Latest release: 2067
Set time: Saturday, August 19 at 7:00PM


Genre: Alterative Rock
From: Los Angeles, California
Latest release: Wow - Single (Colors coming out SO soon)
Set time: Saturday, August 19 at 8:50PM

Whitney Rose

Genre: Country
From: Prince Edward Island
Latest release: Can't Stop Shaking - Single (Rule 62 out October 6)
Set time: Sunday, August 20 at 1:00PM

The Dead South

Genre: Bluegrass
From: Regina, Saskatchewan
Latest release: Illusion & Doubt
Set time: Sunday, August 20 at 2:15PM

Shakey Graves

Genre: Americana
From: Austin, Texas
Latest release: And The War Came
Set time: Sunday, August 20 at 5:35PM

Broken Social Scene 

Genre: Indie-rock
From: Toronto, Ontario
Latest release: Hug of Thunder
Set time: Sunday, August 20 at 9:00PM

So toss the headphones on when you're going for a run, getting some work done, or to drown out the roommates. Friday is approaching quickly, so study up. 

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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Interstellar Rodeo: Wine with Father John Misty, Beck & Broken Social Scene

Interstellar Rodeo isn't only a music festival. It's a wine festival too! 

Working with sommelier, Ben MacPhee-Sigurdson, Interstellar Rodeo picked a wine to match each artist playing the three-day festival. Ben listened to ALL the music and with keeping in mind each artist's tone, style, legacy, personality, and even the time of day they're playing the festival, he starting putting together a lineup of wine that's just as stellar as the lineup of artists.

When the artist is on stage, you can walk over to the bar and get the wine paired with that artist. But until then, you can get the Headliners Flight at The Common to get yourself ready for Interstellar.

Find out the wines you can sip when you're listening to the 2017 headliners, Father John Misty, Beck, and Broken Social Scene:

Father John Misty

Pairing: Rasteau Ortas Tradition
Wine type: Red
From: Cru des Cotes du Rhone, France
Flavour profile: Medium-plus bodied with a blend of Grenache Noir, Syrah, Mourvedre and old-vine Carignane

Much like Father John Misty, this wine is a blend of Old World style and charm with New World playfulness. It is complex yet doesn't take itself too seriously making it completely approachable. 

Set time: Friday, August 18 at 9:10 p.m.


Pairing: AA Privat Gx Garnatxa
Wine type: Red
From: Catalunya, Spain
Flavour profile: Medium-plus-bodied with great depth of fruit, dark berry flavours, and plenty of complexity and light tannins from oak aging

This wine is an organic Spanish red that totally beats to its own drum – figuratively speaking, of course. Like Beck, this wine is great for many different situations. Grenache will be a new discovery to many, and probably a new favourite. Plus, it’s a screw-cap, which is always great.

Set time: Saturday, August 19 at 8:50 p.m.

Broken Social Scene

Pairing: Adi Badenhorst “Secateurs” Chenin Blanc 

Wine type: White
From: Swartland, South Africa
Flavour profile: Vibrant with timeless red apple, pear and tropical notes creating a surprising complexity and depth

Adi Badenhorst was one of the members of the “Swartland Revolution” – a group of winemakers doing things their way rather than sticking to convention. They liked the idea of turning things around, creating new paths, and landing somewhere new – things that are synonymous with Broken Social Scene's inventive tracks. 

Set time: Sunday, August 20 at 8:45 p.m.

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Swing Dance + Other Free Activities to Get You Grooving at The Forks

Anytime you’re at The Forks it’s hard not to notice all the great events happening. It is the hub of summer activity in Winnipeg! Everyone knows about the Canada Summer Games and Interstellar Rodeo. But did you know that there are many classes, lessons and tours happening every day at The Forks? I recently went out of my comfort zone and tried one of the classes I never thought I would do — and it was so much fun!

Swing dancing! Now, my dancing skills are very, very limited. I truly do not know my left from my right. I’m more of a swaying side to side dancer. Any sort of organized moves always leave me confused and giggling. (Step aerobics are IMPOSSIBLE.)  But, when I found out my husband was an avid swing dancer in the late 90s and won competitions (?!) I pretty much had to try a class just to see his moves!

We decided to make a full night of it. We took the water bus from the Hugo Docks. With a boat arriving every 15 minutes it’s easy to just show up knowing a boat will arrive soon. Travelling to The Forks by boat is pretty magical. The wind in your hair while you shuttle along the river on a hot summer night feels so good. And, being out on the river always offers a fresh perspective to the city. At $3.50 each way, you have to try it out. It’s cheaper than parking! Also: bikes are permitted on the boat. So, if you’re not within walking distance to one of the docks you could ride over and bring your bike to The Forks. A whole new way to park and ride!

Before our our lessons we zipped into The Common for a glass of wine. Every time I sit at the bar at The Common, I always meet the most interesting people. It is the best spot to strike up a conversation with visitors to Winnipeg. I have made friends from all around the world at this bar. I may have even coaxed a few of them to join me for skating lessons this past winter! I almost convinced this guy to join us for dancing!  (he was already committed to other plans)

After a quick drink we made our way over to the canopy for our lessons! We joined a group of about 30 people of all ages. I immediately was so excited.

The "Swinging at Sunset" dance lessons happen every Tuesday at 7PM under the canopy. Lessons are free, you just show up! No partner needed. They have the music, the instructors and the fun! Our instructor Emily gave basic simple instructions to start. We stood in a circle and she slowly and clearly demonstrated the triple step and the rock step. Then we’d practice with our partners for a bit before adding to the moves. We even made it to the ‘turn’ level! It was quite easy to learn despite my directional challenges.

Then, after learning the moves, we’d switch partners! So fun. Bob, the super dancer gracefully lead his partners around and around. Me? I laughed and stumbled with my partners. The moves weren’t as precise - but they were fun! When else would I have an opportunity to connect with a tie dyed t-shirt wearing 20 something year old? Or meet Dee, the former 80s Blue Bomber cheerleader. It was a great vibe and so energizing to be surrounded by people who just wanted to dance and have fun.

After about 30 minutes of lessons it was all freestyle swing dancing! Swing music is so happy. We galloped around under the canopy swinging around. Bob confidently swung me in and out, turning me this way and that way, it was hilarious. It’s a pretty excellent way to spend a summer evening. I legitimately learned a few dance moves too!

I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what community programs The Forks offers. From the hardcore fitness go-ers to senior fitness classes to skateboarding lessons - there is something for everybody. If swing dancing isn’t your thing, here’s a list of all the active community events that you can try out this month at The Forks:

Parent and child fitness classes Fit 4 Two

Last year I did a November Project workout and blogged about it here. And I received tips from Frances, the 90 year old superstar of the I AM Fitness classes for seniors.

Let’s go play outside at The Forks! Can’t wait to see you there!

Lindsay Somers is a Lifestyle Health Coach in Winnipeg. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. All Photos by Mark Reimer.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Getting a Taste of Argentina: Steak Night in The Market

Steak is a must-have in Argentina. The cows are grass-fed, it's cooked on a massive grill called a parrilla, and it's topped with a chimichurri sauce to finish it all off and make it quite possibly the richest-tasting ribeye we've ever tasted. 

Empanadas & Co. is bringing this delicious cuisine to The Forks Market every Wednesday from 5-9PM to give Winnipeg its weekly steak fix.

Round 1: Empanadas & Tomato Salad

Another staple of Argentinian food and Empanadas & Co. is, of course, empanadas. The ones served at this Wednesday-night dinner are filled with shrimp and mozzarella. They're served hot, so when you break open the perogy-like shell, cheese oozes out and creates the creamiest string from the empanada to your fork. 

To add a little freshness to your meal, the empanadas are served with a traditional tomato salad tossed in an olive oil dressing.

Round 2: Steak

After you've devoured the empanadas and tomato salad, this 24-oz ribeye steak is placed in front of you. We looked at each other and said, "Uhm, how are we going to finish this?" But this bad boy is for two to share, and it's so juicy and delicious it quickly disappeared off that wood board.

The steak is served with an olive oil and spice rub called chimichurri sauce, which adds just enough spice and brings out the juiciness in the steak that much more. 

Hungry yet?

Round 3: Gelato

Don't forget about dessert. We didn't. To put the finishing touch on this night of delicious food is a flight of gelato from Neon Cone. This includes four different flavours that range from chocolatey to fruity, and they are all dairy-free. This way, you finish off your meal with a light dessert, and you're ready to head over to Festival Field for the Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Canada Games Festival.

Oh– did we mention this also includes wine paired specifically for this meal by the knowledgable folks at The Common? Yeah! We wouldn't dare host a steak dinner in The Forks Market without the perfect wine to go with it.


This massive meal costs $95 for two (date night!?). Call or text 204-957-0038 or 204-295-4494 to reserve your spot for next Wednesday. It's sure to fill up fast.

A huge thank you to our friend, Jen Doerksen, for taking photos that look as delicious as this meal tasted.

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