Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Active Lifestyles: bike ride + lady lunch at The Forks

Eating and drinking with friends is no new thing. Its the most common way many of us connect with others. But, if youre friends with me, Im always sneaking in a little activity into our hangout.

The new warm spring weather inspired me to invite some friends for a bike riding lady lunch date. I love grown up bike riding parties. You feel like a kid again, going places with your own two feet before you had a drivers licence.

Faster than walking, slower than driving, riding a bike is a perfect pace to take in the sights, sunshine and fresh air. Its pretty magical to pedal to your destination - just so leisurely! Not sure how to get to The Forks on a bike path? Find your bike route to The Forks here.

The Forks Market and The Common have transformed "food court" eating. Bringing everyone together, it is the casual downtown destination for everyone. The craft beer, curated wines and fresh food choices are endless. No matter what youre in the mood for - they have it.

I love rethinking how we spend time with people we care about, there are many ways to build activity into our socializing time. Riding your bike to The Forks with pals is such an easy and enjoyable way to hang out. It gives you more time to connect AND get a little movement in. So, next time, why not arrange a grown up playdate bike ride to The Forks for lunch? Its kind of the best day ever.

Lindsay Somers is a lifestyle health coach. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Photos by James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot.

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